Nozomi Urnel M.D.

Chief Director


Emergency care


  • Family medicine
  • Trauma medicine
  • Aesthetic medicine


  • Japanese
  • English

Directors’ Comment

Unexpected illness or injury can happen to anyone. We believe that the appropriate medical care needed in such cases is not only to solve the problem, but also to receive a word of “take care of yourself” with reassurance. At our clinic, we provide appropriate medical care that is reassuring to everyone, regardless of the person or the disease.

As a familiar home doctor who can be consulted about anything, we treat a wide range of illnesses, from internal medicine and pediatric illnesses to surgical and orthopedic injuries, and when necessary, we will accurately connect you to a specialist department for consultation. We provide medical care to everyone, regardless of age, nationality, or language, and we provide care to everyone with the same perspective, whether it is only a first visit or requires a hospital visit.

Healthy now and then, both physically and mentally. We would like to be a clinic where we can help you enjoy and connect with these precious moments, which may seem obvious, but are in fact very precious.

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