About Us

Urgent care & Family medicine

Our clinic is proud to be a clinic that represents Hakuba, a global ski resort.
We treat a wide range of injuries, including ski and snowboard injuries.
We are also working on preventive medicine, intending to improve the health of our patients.
For health issues, feel free to consult your doctor. We would like to support everyone’s health as a community-trusted clinic.

Family Medicine

We provide health care for people of all ages, from babies to the elderly.
Emergency physicians and orthopedic specialists provide comprehensive medical care for sudden illnesses such as fever, illnesses and injuries that are likely, and chronic illnesses. Please contact us if you do not know which department to visit.

Ski & Snowboard Injuries

Because it is located at the foot of a ski resort, many patients with injuries caused by skiing or snowboarding are treated. Our clinic cooperates with the ski resort patrol. X-ray examination is performed promptly, and initial treatment for fractures and sprains is possible. We also have a full range of medical equipment that can treat external injuries, such as scenes, casts, supporters, braces, and crutches.


English speaking staff

English is available for reception, examination, and payment at our clinic.
If you do not have a Japanese health insurance card, please prepare a guarantee of payment in advance.
We cooperate with insurance companies. We will provide the appropriate medical bills and receipts for the patient.

Electronic medical record

We strictly manage personal information.
As a family doctors, we strive to maintain the information entrusted to us by patients to manage it safely and efficiently.


Full Facilities / Medical equipment

Testings for blood and urine, x-ray, ultrasound, ECG and 24-hour ECG, PSG, hearing, bacteriological microscopy, etc. It is also possible to test for infectious diseases such as influenza, COVID-19, strep, adenovirus, chlamydia, gonorrhea and herpes.
CT and MRI can be taken at affiliated medical institutions.

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